MCS | Interview with the 500% Profit Maker on MCS [Part 2]

MCS | Interview with the 500% Profit Maker on MCS [Part 2]


Greetings from MCS, the derivatives trading platform where traders ALWAYS come first.


An MCS Trader with UID 10041 has achieved a return of 500%. This is the 2nd half of the interview with our valued trader. There are many interesting reads in Part 1 as well so we suggest to have a read through it!

Part 1 👉:


🔸 MCS: Do you have any secret tips you can share?

UID 10041:Excluding the things I mentioned previously, I will talk about some changes of thoughts when trading.

In the past, when the market trend is in line with expectations, I often took impulsive decisions and enter larger positions to earn more. At that time, the market price often moved suddenly in the opposite direction which made me lose money instead.

Now, I don't close profits or force to increase my position even if the market moves as expected. The change in thought has helped me in trading as it made me more risk-conscious and trade in a more stable way.

We have to be clear that trading is not gambling, and you have to think in the long term, train yourself and gain experience while trading.


🔸 MCS: What are your own know-how to 'keep up with the current issues'?

UID 10041:Many people seem to know how to follow the issues, so I don't need to explain it a lot. The sites that I often use are as below: Bishijie, Jinsecaijing, AiCoin, 8BTC, BCoin, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko,, cryptometer, BitMex, Weibo, Twitter, KOL, etc.


🔸 MCS: Does the information on current issues help you realize your profit?

UID 10041:It did help. Information is one of the most influential factors in the market. I would recommend that you catch and analyze new information, not just following others blindly.


🔸 MCS: What other tips do you have?

UID 10041:I usually don't get stressed out because I have a lot of free time. I usually walk my dog, watch dramas, listen to music, eat delicious food, and manage my stress through social gatherings. Stress is not created by external factors, but a psychological burden that you give yourself. It is most important to always be optimistic and cheerful.


🔸 MCS: Sounds like a great tip, was it actually helpful for trading?

UID 10041:I was able to be more active when trading with the mindset I mentioned.

When trading, I always plan ahead before the market reaches my expected entry point. In other words, you should already have a picture in your head of how to trade before the market approaches that area. If an unexpected situation occurs, you should re-plan or stop trading. It's one of the best trading skills to actually follow a plan to enter and exit the market.

Don't feel disappointed about one or two failed deals in the past. Just be more focused on what's happening. If you focus more on other things, you can stay away from negative thoughts.

The number of orders may be 8 to 9 on some days, or may be 1 to 2 on the other days. Sometimes we may set the stop-loss line at 20% and the target profit at 35%. On some days the stop-loss could be 3.5% and target profit could be 6%. This is the characteristic of the futures market. As a trader, you need to have the right mindset and adapt to changes in this market.


🔸 MCS: What's the score out of 10 if you rate MCS as a perpetual contract trading platform?Why?

UID 10041:I'd like to give you six points as a new exchange. You're just getting started, so there are still a lot of room for growth. There's still a lot of work to be done and some functional improvements to be made.

I think it will be a wonderful experience to be able to see how MCS is growing.


🔸 MCS: Do you have any suggestions for MCS?

UID 10041:I hope that you can set both the stop-loss and the take-profit functions at the same time when opening the positions. You may also add a function that traders can analyze their assets' gains and losses. And it is a pity that only BTCUSDT is supported.


🔸 MCS: Lastly, would you like to say something to other traders?

UID 10041:I've talked about many things in this interview, and I hope my shared story will help many people. I think it's more important not to spend your life simply trading for profit, but to find interesting elements in trading and enjoy it. And don't just be stuck in trading. The world outside the monitor is more beautiful, and the people around you are more precious. Let's work together to enjoy our life!




Traders ALWAYS come first on MCS.


Thank you.






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