✨ MyCoinStory August Monthly Recap ✨

✨ MyCoinStory August Monthly Recap ✨


Greetings from MCS, the derivatives trading platform where traders ALWAYS come first.

Dear Valued MyCoinStory Traders,

MCS has been taking its place in the cryptocurrency derivatives market, with a rapid growth in August 2020 together with pleasant news such as launching various events and new product.


Abstract (Ordered by Date)

🔸 MCS, 170% increase in monthly visitors compared to the previous month

🔸 MCS, the first round of Colorful Quanto, KLAY futures contract announcement!

🔸 Second extension of 140% Maker Enhancement & 40% Taker Fee Discount Event!

🔸 MCS, Jackpot BTC Deposit Event!


🔥 MCS, 170% increase in monthly visitors compared to the previous month


[MyCoinStory (MCS) Similarweb: https://www.similarweb.com/website/mycoinstory.com/]

According to the global web analytics service, SimlarWeb, the number of monthly MCS visitors has increased by 170% compared to the previous month. Similar Web is a reliable service that analyzes and discloses functions such as the amount of website traffic, referral sources including keyword analysis, and the average visit duration of the website. Although MCS (MyCoinStory) is in the early stages of its service, we sincerely thank many bitcoin margin traders around the world who show great interest, and promise to continue to develop in the future. 🎉


🔥 MCS, the first round of Colorful Quanto, KLAY futures contract announcement!


[Blog Article: https://blog.mycoinstory.com/preview-colorful-quanto/]

On the last day of August, MCS announced the start of the COLORFUL QUANTO contract line following the BTCUSDT contracts. The first contract was also revealed at this notice, which grasped great hopes to release quanto products of various unique cryptocurrencies in the future. The first contract being KLAYUSDT futures contract of Klaytn which uses KLAY as the base currency is a public blockchain platform developed by GroundX, a subsidiary of Kakaocorp. The futures contract will be released in early September.

What is Quanto?

Quanto refers to a derivative instrument that is settled with another asset that is neither the base currency nor quote currency in the trading pair. KLAY futures contract products that will be released soon on MCS are settled in BTC, not settled in the quote currency KLAY nor the base currency USDT.


🔥 Second extension of 40% Taker Enhancement (8.13 ~ 9.13)


[Blog Article: https://blog.mycoinstory.com/trading-fee-event2/]

The 3rd event of 40% taker fee discount is running until September 13th, thanks to the enthusiastic support of the traders, the taker fee benefit from the existing fee event is in progress! (Taker: 0.075% → 0.045%)

It's not an opportunity always available, so don't miss out on the big fee benefits in the recent highly volatile bitcoin market and make a successful trade.


🔥 MCS, Jackpot Bitcoin (BTC) deposit event ends successfully!


[Blog Article: https://blog.mycoinstory.com/depositevent/]

MCS (MyCoinStory) successfully ended the Jackpot Bitcoin deposit event held from August 13th to August 27th. This event consists of two benefits: 1) an additional 10% bonus payment of the Bitcoin deposit amount within the period and 2) an additional 20% bonus payment to the Bitcoin deposit king. This event is an event that allows you to receive a maximum 30% bonus of the MCS deposit amount and recorded an enormous participation rate! 🎉

Below are the people who have been selected as deposit kings this time. Congratulations once again!

🥇 st : 13286(UID)

🥈 nd : 13155(UID)

🥉 rd : 10615(UID)


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Traders ALWAYS come first on MCS.

Thank you.




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