MCS | Be Aware of Bitcoin Airdrop Scam!

MCS | Be Aware of Bitcoin Airdrop Scam!


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Bitcoin scams are occurring ever so often with the recent increase in the cryptocurrency's worth. Investors' wallets are at risk as fake events veiled in uplifting purposes amidst financial challenges fish around to exploit the industry's recognized personnel upfront.

Social Capital' CEO Chamath Palihapitiya 5000 BTC giveaway


Fast-spreading on YouTube, the scam expropriates Chamath Palihapitiya's past interview and picture, concealing the event as if it's a formal one.

Scammer expresses criticism towards the traditional finance system and calls to be replaced by blockchain and cryptocurrency, and consequently, announcing releasement of free 5,000 BTC.

The video then shows a message with a wallet address, requesting a deposit of minimum 0.1BTC to 20BTC at max, and promises a doubled return. Thank god YouTube dealt with the case ASAP but the video continues to appear.

Once again, this is nowhere near the truth and never to be fallen for.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk's ethereum giveaway


Boasting futuristic technology and making the impossibles possible, Tesla has become a trustworthy brand, so much so that anyone can go "why not" if it were to announce token giveaways for cryptocurrency fans. However, this can only be further from the truth.

Scammers are committing fraud where once participants make 5 BTC or 100 BTC deposits in the public wallet address, they can earn a chance to win Tesla's electronic car "Model S" and even better, a clickbait that leads to free Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Well, this isn't the first time it's happened. Back in 2018, a tweet ad that skipped scam checks stirred harsh criticism. It's difficult to trace back to the website, but there still exist users with hidden purposes propagating scammy contents on channels like Telegram. A much awareness is definitely called for.

Information is scattered all over cryptocurrency communities and SNS channels like Twitter. For obvious reason, it's vital to pick apart what's real from what's not.



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