MCS | Be the First of MCS

MCS | Be the First of MCS
Be the First of MCS


How to Participate?

1st Event: MCS Bug Report Award

Report bugs more than once that you have experienced in MCS TestNet.

(If you have not find a bug, it can be replaced by submitting a MCS TestNet survey.)


2nd Event: MCS BTC/USDT Perpetual Mock Trading Competition

After participating in <MCS BTC/USDT Perpetual Mock Trading Competition>, Trade more than once.


3rd Event: MCS MainNet Early Bird Registration



Commission Benefits for MCS Honorable Testers

All MCS honorary testers will receive 20% off commission rates for 3 months, while 15 who have been chosen randomly lot will be given a permanent 40% off commission rates.



1️⃣ For more details regarding the event, please refer to the homepage or MCS blog.

2️⃣ MCS TestNet and MainNet sign up e-mails MUST BE the same in order to have access to the benefits.

3️⃣ This event is managed & operated by MCS, and the contents of the event may be changed or cancelled depending on the situation.


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