MCS | Bitcoin will go beyond USD 300K by December 2021

MCS | Bitcoin will go beyond USD 300K by December 2021


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In June of this year, the price of Bitcoin, which was at the beginning of $9,000, has risen 88% and is already past $17,000.

Source: MCS (MyCoinStory)

Amidst the uncertainty that Bitcoin's uptrend will stop, Citibank, one of the global megabanks, recently published a report that will be of great interest to Bitcoin traders.

In this recent report by Citibank, it predicted that "the Bitcoin price will rise to $318,000 by December next year." Thomas Fitzpatrick, the global head of the company’s CitiFXTechnicals market insight product, used technical analysis to derive the results. Fitzpatrick compared Bitcoin to the gold market in the 1970s, stating that "Quantitative easing can lead to rapid price fluctuations."

The number of global colossus entering the cryptocurrency market is increasing. When will Apple and Google join?

  • PayPal - Cryptocurrency related service launch
  • JP. Morgan - Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, providing banking services to Gemini
  • Standard Chartered Bank - Pilot operation of cryptocurrency trust service for institutional investors
  • DBS Bank - Cryptocurrency Exchange Business Preparation
  • Nomura Securities - Cryptocurrency consignment company

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