MCS | Bitcoin's 8 Decimal Places and How Its Unit Name Came About

MCS | Bitcoin's 8 Decimal Places and How Its Unit Name Came About




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As many would know already, Bitcoin has 8 decimal places. But did you know that each decimal points hold different meanings? MCS will reveal the meaning behind it!




The birth of Bitcoin's 8 decimal places: Satoshi Nakamoto's foresight a big contribution


Bitcoin has as many as 8 decimal places. Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto has predicted Bitcoin's price increase and once 1BTC is equivalent to 10,000,000 won, it will be available for daily life usage, hence the small digits. Even if 1 Bitcoin reaches 10,000 dollar, one dollar can at least give you 0.0001BTC.




Bitcoin's Smallest Unit is 'Satoshi'


'Satoshi'... you must have heard this somewhere. It's Bitcoin's smallest unit. The name comes from Bitcoin founder 'Satoshi Nakamoto' and the smallest unit, 0.00000001BTC, is called 1 Satoshi. For other units and names, you can refer to the chart below.




We hope to have answered your question about Satoshi and Bitcoin's decimal places and we will come back with more information soon.




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