MCS | Blockchain Plugin “EnjinCraft” Now Available on Minecraft

MCS | Blockchain Plugin “EnjinCraft” Now Available on Minecraft


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Blockchain game technology company Enjin and the popular video game Minecraft recently had a collaboration!

Blockchain project Enjin

Enjin is a blockchain platform created for developers to integrate crypto tokens into apps and games. The team is also running its Multiverse Program that implements Enjin blockchain platform and ERC-1155 standard. It's recently released an open-source blockchain plugin 'EnjinCraft' for the game Minecraft, in which players can integrate and distribute blockchain assets in the form of tokens.

*Multiverse: a collaborative effort of multiple game developers who are all contributing and developing games to coexist in one multiverse. This gives players the benefits of being able to own an item in one game and use it in another. (source: Coin Rivet)

Minecraft's blockchain plugin 'EnjinCraft'

EnjinCraft is an open-source SDK for Java, allowing developers to implement blockchain in Java-based devices. By dropping EnjinCraft into the server’s 'plugins' folder, Minecraft players can begin integrating and distributing blockchain assets through their server, reading players’ blockchain inventory, and providing players with access to unique in-game items and experiences based on the blockchain assets they own.


According to Enjin, the EnjinCraft plugin will enable player to:

  1. Integrate blockchain-based Minecraft assets
  2. Attach an existing blockchain asset identity to your in-game items via console commands.
  3. Give players the ability to link their blockchain wallet to your server.
  4. Show players their real-time Enjin Coin and Ethereum balance.
  5. Provide special items and permissions to players based on blockchain assets they own.
  6. Initiate Ethereum transactions that can send blockchain assets to your players via console commands.
  7. Allow players to securely trade blockchain assets peer-to-peer within your server.
  8. Re-develop the open-source code to suit your exact specifications and needs.



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