MCS | MCS with BTS? B.T.S!

MCS | MCS with BTS? B.T.S!




Greetings from MCS, the derivatives trading platform where traders ALWAYS come first.



Recently, numerous bitcoin perpetual contract trading platforms have been making appearances in the market, of which MCS is taking the lead with its B.T.S.




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What is B.T.S? Many might conjure up BTS, the famous K-pop boy band idol group, but in this context, the abbreviation actually stands for BitGo, Tether (USDT) and Strategy.



B.T.S - B for BitGo

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BitGo is the world's No.1 on-chain Bitcoin processing facility located in Silicon Valley, California, USA, and processes 20% of Bitcoin transactions worldwide. Also, BitGo, which is used by global cryptocurrency exchanges, is a custody service provider famous for its digital asset financial services such as storage, security, and liquidity solutions for digital assets.


MCS operates a multi-sig cold wallet in partnership with the industry's leading security company “BitGo” and protects our valued traders' assets.



B.T.S - T for Tether (USDT)


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Tether, also known as USD Tether or USDT, is a cryptocurrency issued by the Bitfinex exchange and pegged against U.S. dollar. One Tether is worth one U.S. dollar, and it is the most representative stablecoin.


Unlike other Bitcoin perpetual contract exchanges, MCS uses USDT (not USD) as Bitcoin's counter currency. By using USDT for the main trading pair, MCS prevents potential disbenefits that may occur due to system malfunction. In the current cryptocurrency market, there are not many exchanges that offer BTC/USD or have abundant liquidity, which may put traders in jeopardy when a 'bad' mark price is calculated with a problematic price from one of the referred exchanges. Fortunately, MCS perpetual contract uses the popular BTC/USDT trading pair offered in various exchanges, and protects traders from unnecessary risks.



B.T.S - S for Strategy


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To provide an optimal trading environment for our MCS traders, we have implemented different ways to place orders and planned an implementation of the "multi-position" that allows simultaneous operation of both two-way and one-way positions. By utilizing these techniques, MCS traders can enhance trading skills and drive diverse trading strategies for risk hedging.



MCS (MyCoinstory)'s recent MCS BTC/USDT Mock Trading Competition had a trading volume greater than what Bybit (one of the industry's top rankers) had in the same period. The official launch is now just around the corner, and all team members of MCS will never settle and continously strive to create a better-than-yesterday platform for traders' successful investment.




Traders ALWAYS come first on MCS.





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