MCS | MCS Bug Report Award

MCS | MCS Bug Report Award


Hello, this is MCS.


To celebrate the beginning of the MCS TestNet, the ⭐️MCS Bug Report Award⭐️, which is the first event of the 'Be the First of MCS', has been started.


MCS is trying to seek to detect and improve bugs at the TestNet stage to ensure the optimal trading environment.

Please report any inconveniences you have experienced in the MCS TestNet.

The top 10 traders will be rewarded with BTC bonus according to their ranking.


Report Bug


⏰April 13th 03:00(UTC) ~ May 4th 03:00(UTC)


How to Participate?

  1. Join MCS TestNet.
  2. Report bugs that you have experienced in MyCoinStory TestNet through the Google survey.

*MCS will review all reported surveys and the rankings are determined based on the internal criteria.



  • 💰1st: 100 USDT worth BTC bonus
  • 💰2nd: 50 USDT worth BTC bonus
  • 💰3rd: 25 USDT worth BTC bonus
  • 💰4th ~ 10th: 10 USDT worth BTC bonus

*The BTC bonus can be used as margins, and the bonus will be used first as a fee or contract loss.

*Trader can withdraw the total amount of profits gained by bonuses. Once the withdrawal of profits is processed, all bonuses will no longer be usable for trading.


Winner Announcement

May 7th, 2020 at 09:00 (UTC)



1️⃣ If the same bug is reported, the first one will be accepted.

2️⃣ If the information you fill out in the Google survey does not match the information you have registered the TestNet, you will be excluded from the ranking.

3️⃣ Bug Report Award is organized and run by MCS, and some conditions can possibly be changed and canceled depending on the circumstances.



MCS will provide you the best trading experience.

#Be_a_Trader, MCS


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