MCS | Where Do I Buy Bitcoin?

MCS | Where Do I Buy Bitcoin?



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⁉️ Do you want to buy Bitcoin but Don't Know where to buy it?

There are many ways you can buy Bitcoins and there are over 100 Million Bitcoin holders worldwide.


💡 Choose your Cryptocurrency Exchange


Below are a few of the biggest exchanges in the world.

📍 Binance(

📍 Coinbase(

📍 Huobi(

📍 Upbit (


You can purchase Bitcoin from the above exchanges and for other exchanges, please refer to CoinMarketCap!

👉 CoinMarketCap Exchanges:


Just as different banks have different conditions such as interest rates and financial product, cryptocurrency exchanges also have different conditions, such as payment methods, purchase limits, fee rates and security standards. In a macro perspective, there are two main purchase channels. First is the purchase through credit or debit cards and the other way is via bank accounts or Bitcoin ATMs. It is recommended that traders carefully select the right exchange by carefully comparing the exchanges.

👤 Know Your Customer (KYC) Process


In order to register on the exchange, it is generally required to perform a Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure which ensures checks for money laundering. To do this, you need to go through several authentication and document submission steps in order to purchase Bitcoin. Although this step varies from exchange to exchange, it is usually done through authentication of personal identification.


💸 Purchase after KYC!


If you're done with KYC, you're left with your last step of buying Bitcoin. As described above, exchanges have different currencies and payment methods that are handled at the time of deposit, so please check carefully when proceeding with the purchase of Bitcoin.


💎 Utilizing Bitcoin Better


Similar to the traditional finance market, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin also have a growing number of financial derivatives markets. MyCoinStory is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that offers perpetual contracts. As it is a derivatives exchange, traders can earn not only in the bull run but also when the market is bearish.


If you have already purchased your Bitcoins, experience Bitcoin perpetual contracts at MyCoinStory!



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