MCS | MCS BTC / USDT Mock Trading Competition Report🎉

MCS | MCS BTC / USDT Mock Trading Competition Report🎉


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MCS BTC/USDT Perpetual Mock Trading Competition was held from Monday of April 20, 2020 to Monday of May 11, 2020.


After the competition, our MCS team has aggregated and carefully analyzed data regarding the competition. We have witnessed figures that outstood our target value from the analysis.




A total of 27,158,861,892 USDT was traded over 8,916,400 deals from 867 traders with 73 national backgrounds during the mock competition.




Total volume of MCS TestNet BTC/USDT perpetual contract tradings during the competition was 27,158,861,892USDT. The figure reached approximately half of BitMEX's BTCUSD perpetual trading volume, a total of 57,123,277,071USD. The fact that our trading volume reached half the volume of the industry's No.1 trading platform prior to MainNet launch is very meaningful.




Open interest trades are the total number of traders' real-time positions. An increasing number of open interest trades means 'active trading floor'. MCS TestNet BTCUSDT perpetual contract's open interest trade volume during the competition was 135,776,124USDT per day. During this same period, BitMEX BTC/USD perpetual trade's daily open interest trade volume was 497,471,639USDT, that of which MCS covers a quarter amount.




During the competition, 703 traders and positions were stung by forced-liquidation and the sheer volume of these tradings covered 10,840.98811 BTC in total.




Leverage used by traders was X54 on average and positions forced-liquidated X72 during the competition. On the other hand, TOP 10 traders who've made a successful entryway to the competition were X61.




During the competition, our trader with UID 1121 led the race up front with a 10,046.56% profit rate, 1,004.65BTC worth of profit. (1,004.65BTC by the end of the competition (May 11), worth approximately $8,770,269) Congratulations once again for traders ranked TOP10! We cannot thank enough for those who have participated and supported our MCS Mock Trading Competition. We will come back next round with much more improvement. Thank you.



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