MCS | Is Craig Wright, The Leader of Bitcoin SV (BSV), a Fraud?

MCS | Is Craig Wright, The Leader of Bitcoin SV (BSV), a Fraud?



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While Craig Wright, the leader of Bitcoin SV (BSV), claims that he is "Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin", the evidence and his testimony presented to the court have become the center of controversy.


Who is Craig Wright?

Photo: Craig Wright from Wikipedia

Craig Wright is a known Bitcoin developer and blockchain expert. In 2016, he first claimed that he is the real "Satoshi Nakamoto", but has not been able to clearly prove his allegation until now. Craig Wright is also leading the Bitcoin SV (BSV), which was hardforked from Bitcoin Cash (BCH).




Craig Wright was accused of stealing by the family of David Kleiman, one of Craig's deceased colleagues. The family sued Craig for stealing $5 billion worth of Bitcoin from David. In 2011, they founded a company called "W&K Info Defense Research" in Florida, USA, but David died two years later. Kleiman's family claimed that Craig and David had co-managed 1.1 million Bitcoins obtained through Bitcoin mining activities, and the family filed a lawsuit in the Florida State Court against Craig in 2018 for the rights of the Bitcoin.



The Court Ruling in Favor of David Kleiman's Family


In August 2019, Judge Reinhart of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida quoted "Craig Wright committed perjury by providing forged documents to the court" and ruled that Craig Wright must hand over the half of 1.1 million Bitcoins and the intellectual property rights related to Bitcoin software to Kleiman.



Craig Wright's Submitted Tulip Trust Documents


Craig Wright objected to the ruling of the Florida Court and earlier this year submitted Tulip Trust documents and associated Bitcoin wallet address to the court as evidence. In the past, Craig Wright and David Kleiman kept about 1.1 million BTC in a trust agreement called the Tulip Trust, and the documents are known to contain a statement that the Trust will be managed by multiple trust managers, and will belong to Craig Wright's company as of January 2020.



"Craig Wright is a liar and a fraud. He doesn't have the key used to sign this message."


The following message was inscribed on about 140 of the wallets Craig Wright recently presented to the court as evidence.


This message can only be entered by the owner who holds the private key of the corresponding Bitcoin wallet, and Craig's allegation is at stake since the message was inscribed in the wallet that Craig Wright submitted to the court as his Bitcoin wallet address.




"The first iPhone Came Out In 2007."


Craig made an absurd allegation of "using the iPhone in 2006" at the courtroom, accusing a possible forgery in Kleiman's email record.


However, the first iPhone was released in June 2007.



The Lawsuit Will Be Concluded On July 6, 2020.


The United States District Court of Florida set the date for the final ruling on the case between Craig Wright and David Kleiman to July 6. Now that the time left is less than a month, everyone in the blockchain industry is curious about what Craig's next card will be.




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