MCS | BTC Jackpot Deposit Event! (Ended)

MCS | BTC Jackpot Deposit Event! (Ended)


Greetings from MCS, the derivatives trading platform where traders ALWAYS come first.

With the end of MCS Jackpot Bitcoin Deposit Event, we congratulate the 3 traders who have been selected as the "Bitcoin Deposit Kings"!🎉

Bitcoin Deposit King

🥇 1st Place.: 13286 (UID)

🥈 2nd Place: 13155 (UID)

🥉 3rd Place: 10615(UID)

Guidelines for the Winners

For traders who have been selected as the Bitcoin Deposit Kings, 20% of each trader's net deposit amounts during the event have been added to the corresponding accounts that were used to participate in this event. If you have any inquiries about this event, please contact us through the MCS Live Chat or the official MCS Telegram.

Please Note

1️⃣  MCS bonuses can be used as margin, trading/funding fee, and to cover potential losses incurred by trading on the platform, and can be used with your assets in a 5:5 ratio.

2️⃣  All rewards awarded will be cleared out upon any withdrawal, so please be careful when submitting a withdrawal request.

Event Guides

Thanks to the interest and support of MCS traders, MCS has experienced tremendous growth in approximately two months since the launch on June 15th. For this, the MCS team would like to express sincere gratitude to all the MCS traders. As a response, we would like to reward our traders with the 🔸 Jackpot Bitcoin Deposit Event🔸 ! 🎉


🗣 Jackpot Bitcoin Deposit Event Round 1 : 10% Bonus on Deposited BTC

When you deposit bitcoins on the MCS cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, 🔸10% bonus of the deposit amount🔸 will be credited.

Example: If you deposit 1 BTC into the MCS, we will give you an additional 0.1 BTC as a bonus.

🗣 Jackpot Bitcoin Deposit Event Round 2: 20% Bonus Payment to Bitcoin Deposit King

During the Jackpot Bitcoin Deposit Event, the top 3 net Bitcoin Depositing Traders will receive an additional 🔸20% bonus🔸 of the net deposit amount.

*Bitcoin Net Deposit Amount = Deposit During Event Period - Withdrawals During Event Period

Example 1. If you deposit 1 BTC during the event and have been selected as the Bitcoin deposit king, we will pay an additional 0.2 BTC, a bonus of 20% of the deposited 1 BTC.

Example 2. If you withdraw 0.5 BTC after depositing 1 BTC during the event, the ranking is calculated with the net deposit amount of 0.5 BTC. If you are selected as a Bitcoin deposit champion, you will receive an additional 0.1 BTC, a 20% bonus of 0.5 BTC.


Event Details

🔸 Event Period : 9AM UTC August 13 ~ 9AM UTC August 27 2020

🔸 Round 1 Event Distribution : Within 12 hours of deposit

🔸 Round 2 Champion Announcement & Distribution :  9AM UTC September 10 2020



1️⃣  The maximum bonus is limited for to 0.1 BTC for the Jackpot Bitcoin Deposit Event Round 1. (If you deposit more than 1 BTC, up to 0.1 BTC will be credited)

2️⃣  For Jackpot Bitcoin Deposit Event Round 1, you can make multiple deposits but the bonus will be limited to 0.1 BTC in total.

3️⃣  The maximum bonus is limited for to 0.4 BTC for the Jackpot Bitcoin Deposit Event Round 2. (If you deposit more than 2 BTC, up to 0.4 BTC will be credited)

4️⃣  For Jackpot Bitcoin Deposit Event Round 2, if the champions have the same deposit amount, the trader who deposited first will be prioritized.

5️⃣  The Jackpot Bitcoin Deposit Event rewards will be distributed as bonuses

6️⃣  Bonuses on MCS can be used for position margin, trading fees, trading loss and funding fees. The bonus will be used on a 5:5 ratio with your deposited assets.

7️⃣  All bonuses will be recalled upon any withdrawal.

8️⃣  The final interpretation of the event is held by MCS, and the event content may be partially changed or canceled depending on the circumstances.


Traders ALWAYS come first on MCS.

Thank you.




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