Earn Up To 16.6% on USDT Through MCS Earn Alpha

Earn Up To 16.6% on USDT Through MCS Earn Alpha


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MCS Earn Alpha opens on April 22. 🔥🔥🔥

MCS Earn is an MCS product which offers hassle free ways to earn yield on your tokens. We aim to offer the highest yield on stables with exchange-grade security.

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1.Four special advantages of MCS Earn

1️⃣  When you deposit USDT, it has 16.44% APY, which is higher than other exchange and platform earn products, and it boasts a high level of security because it operates on the exchange.

2️⃣  Since MCS Earn Alpha has no deposit limit, customers can check by depositing a small amount, and if they deposit a high amount, they can experience a high APY.

3️⃣  Unlike other exchanges' products, MCS Earn Alpha accumulates interest immediately upon deposit.

4️⃣  No gas and withdrawal fees on MCS Earn Alpha

2.Two things you need to use MCS Earn

1️⃣  Since MCS Earn Alpha operates as a meta-mask, those who do not use the meta-mask need to install the meta-mask and create a wallet.

2️⃣  When you deposit USDT, it works as an Ethereum mainnet, so you need a small amount of Ethereum for your gas fee.

3.How does MCS Earn work?

👉  Earn products swap and stake funds in yield bearing defi products and return the yields to the user in a simple way

4.How do I start earning yield?

👉  Simply authorize your wallet, input the amount you would like to transfer, click the "Start Earning" button and submit the transaction.

5. How is my yield calculated?

👉  Yields are automatically earned on the account. There is no need for reinvestment.

6. When can I unstake my tokens?

👉  You can request to unstake your tokens as soon as you deposit your tokens. However withdrawals are done once per day between UTC 03:00-04:00 and hence can take up to 28 hours.

7. Is this product fixed yield?

👉  We aim to provide as stable yields as we can, but there may be fluctuations based on market conditions.

8. Additional Information

👉  MCS Earn Alpha will start with the Ethereum mainnet, but will add a variety of mainnets later.

👀 MCS Earn Alpha Guide Video 👀

🔗Link🔗  : https://earn.mcs.io/

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