MCS | The Differences between Maker, Taker Fees

MCS | The Differences between Maker, Taker Fees



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There are producers and consumers in society. A producer is a person who prints things and provides consumers more choices, and a consumer is a person who buys and owns the products. Exchanges also have this concept, and

we call them "Makers" and "Takers."


Makers add liquidity by making limit or conditional orders. In other words, they are printing contracts so that transactions can take place in the exchange. Since the transaction is made with zero-sum, the maker should make a contract first and then the taker places the corresponding order.


Normally, the taker's fee standard is higher than the maker's fee. As in the marketplace, the trading environment is activated only when there are many things that can be traded. Similarly, it is important to maintain high liquidity on exchanges, so makers will receive a commission benefit.


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MCS( Derivatives Maker and Taker Fee Table COMING SOON



Many exchanges, including MCS(, charge different commission rates depending on the trader's level. After the MCS's trade fee table is established, we will share it on the MCS blog first! ✨    



Again, traders always come first in MCS.


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