MCS | The World's First Bitcoin Cash (BCHA) Futures Contract

MCS | The World's First Bitcoin Cash (BCHA) Futures Contract


Greetings from MCS, the derivatives trading platform where traders ALWAYS come first.

MCS has successfully launched the world's first Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard forked Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA) futures contract as of November 18, 2020!🎉

💸 What is Bitcoin Cash ABC?

Bitcoin Cash ABC is a cryptocurrency of a blockchain that had been hard forked at block 661648 on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. Bitcoin ABC, a major development camp of  the existing Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and BCHN, a miner camp, confronted over the adaptation of the 'Coinbase Rule' (a rule that compulsory allocates part of the mining rewards to the wallet designated to sponsor development funds). Both parties could not come to a consensus, resulting in a split. As a result, the BCHN camp's overwhelming share of hash rate was secured, and the existing BCH ticker was succeeded by the BCHN chain, and the BTCA chain's Bitcoin Cash ABC became the currency of the new chain.

For more information on Bitcoin Cash ABC, please refer to the following links:

🔸 Bitcoin Cash ABC Website :

🔸 Bitcoin Cash ABC Twitter :

❗️ Bitcoin Cash ABC's cryptocurrency report will be updated as more information is available after BCHA's network is stabilized.

💸 Bitcoin Cash Futures Contract Details

🔸 Trade Open : 28th of October 2020 6:30AM ~ 16th of December 2020 6AM (UTC)

🔸 Bitcoin Cash ABC Contract Specifications:

🔸 Bitcoin Cash ABC Contract Calculation Formula :

❗️Bitcoin Cash ABC is expected to experience great volatility due to unstable network after the chain was separated. In the worst case, there may be situations where the Bitcoin ABC network cannot continue, so MCS traders should pay special attention to this point before trading.

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