MCS | Alert! The Hi-tech Scam has arrived!

MCS | Alert! The Hi-tech Scam has arrived!


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Do you know deepfake?
Source: MIT Technology Review


It is a synthetic media that replaces your face with someone else's. (So, you could look like a celebrity if you want to.) The technology is unique because it uses AI and machine learning instead of a rubber mask. In one of the Star Wars franchise, Rogue One, technology similar to deepfake was used **to replace Carrie Fisher, the actor of Princess Leia.
Source: ScreenRant


It is indeed a new and exciting technology if you use it right. Nevertheless, there are always people with malicious intentions. Perhaps you may have heard about the misused cases on the news that there are numerous criminal incidences involving fraud and impersonation.


Why bring up deepfake now?

Recently, scammers are using deepfake technology to imitate Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron Foundation, to steal money from blockchain projects.
Source: Mochimo Official, YouTube


Kyle Pierce, the 'unfortunate' victim-could-have-been, got a message on Linkedin which led to a Skype video call with the "fake" Justin. Fortunately, the scammer was an amateur; his so-called proofs were not convincing and his acting skill was poor. The scammer used a publicly available photo of Justin to make a passport, and the lips and the voice did not sync properly.


Is this just a funny happening only to be laughed at?

I beg to differ. Luckily, Pierce met an amateur, but what if the scammer really knew what he was doing? What if the passport looked so realistic and the Skype call was perfectly synced and very natural?

Anyone in the blockchain and the cryptocurrency market could become a victim. So, I hope all traders on MCS (MyCoinStory) should be cautious when someone approaches with a "too-good-to-be-true" offer and always know that what you see over the monitor or a smartphone screen may not be true.



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