MCS | What is a Hidden Order?

MCS | What is a Hidden Order?

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Today, we will look into what Hidden Orders are.

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🎯 What Are Hidden Orders?

Hidden Orders are where the traders' buy and sell orders are not visible in the order book. For example, if you want to submit a large number of buy orders which creates a big buy wall in the orderbook. Other traders expect additional price increases and is likely to move away from submitting sell orders. MCS traders who want to prevent this can hide their buy or sell orders by submitting a hidden order.


🎯 How To Submit a Hidden Order

Hidden orders on the MCS cryptocurrency derivatives exchange can be found at the bottom of the order window as shown in the image above.

If you check "Hidden" as shown in the image, you can select the number of displayed quantities. When the total number of contracts ordered is 100 and you set 50 contracts as the display quantity, the actual quantity of 100 is added to the order book but the visible quantity would be 50!

In the case of MCS cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, Hidden is not checked by default, and in order to use the Hidden Order feature, you have to check "Hidden" at the bottom of the order window! Lastly, hidden orders have a huge advantage of not exposing your order quantity in the order book, but be sure to note that the transaction fee is 0.075% whether it is a maker or a taker order!


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