MCS | How Many Bitcoin (BTC) Do Institutions Have?

MCS | How Many Bitcoin (BTC) Do Institutions Have?


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The "$20K Era" of Bitcoin (BTC) has reopened. After surpassing $20,000 on the 16th, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is aiming for the $24,000 breakthrough since the 21st. Previously, we posted an article regarding the reasons of Bitcoin (BTC) price rising, and the rise of the Bitcoin (BTC) price this time is largely caused by the funds from institutions. So, how many Bitcoin (BTC) do institutions have?

Bitcoin Treasuries ( provides the current status of Bitcoin (BTC) holdings by institutions.


In the table above, MicroStrategy inc., a well-known individual company, holds 40,824 BTC. Also, in the case of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, which is famous for its Bitcoin Trust Fund (GBTC), the size of the fund is growing rapidly thanks to the price rise of Bitcoin (BTC). According to the table, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust has 546,544 Bitcoin (BTC) holdings, and the growth rate is very fast.

Of course, the information provided does not represent the statistics of all institutions, nor does it accurately represent the figures of the OTC market. However, we think it can be helpful in understanding the degree of movement of the institution and reading the market.

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