MCS | Bookmark for MCS Traders: that provides prices of Global Markets(Nasdaq, DAX, Gold, Silver, Oil)

MCS | Bookmark for MCS Traders: that provides prices of Global Markets(Nasdaq, DAX, Gold, Silver, Oil)



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In recent years, there have been many cryptocurrency traders around the world who believe that there is a correlation between the price of the global stock market (Nasdaq, S & P500, DAX, Hong Kong Hang Seng), commodities market (oil, gas, gold, silver, copper, etc.) and the price of Bitcoin. As a result, the interest in the global stock market and commodities from the cryptocurrency space have been increasing.


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In fact, the price of Bitcoin, global stock market and commodity has been showing a similar chart since February 2020. In early March, all these products fell sharply at the same time and then gradually recovered together towards the end of March.



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Today, we would like to introduce, which provides a variety of information, not just on the global stock market, but also other investment products such as cryptocurrencies, world indices, foreign exchange, bonds, ETF futures and options and more.

   , established in 2007 is a global financial markets information platform that provides real-time data, pricings, charts, financial tools, recent news and analysis from 250 exchanges which is provided in 44 different languages. It also boasts its 21 million monthly users and over 180 million sessions. is ranked first on leading website rating services SimilarWeb and Amazon Alexa.




Top Tips on Utilizing (Only for MCS Traders)

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In addition to pricing, has an economic calendar that gathers issues of the global economy in one place and a calendar that summarizes the schedules of global companies' announcements. In addition, please keep in mind that it provides a dividend date, IPO, and expiration calendar for futures products, so you can grasp various important information in one place.





If you are curious about the global stock market and real-time prices of commodities while trading  perpetual contracts at MCS (MyCoinStory), please do not hesitate to visit We hope that this will help your strategies in trading.




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