MCS | What is a Maker Order?

MCS | What is a Maker Order?

*This post has been written by Hedgehog, an MCS influencer and one of Korea's famous cryptocurrency key opinion leaders.


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Today, I'm going to explain about the Maker Order, one of the must-know concepts that you should be familiar with while trading bitcoin margin.

There are three main types of orders that you submit for bitcoin margin trading. There are Maker orders, Taker orders, and Hidden orders. In this post, I'm going to tell you more about the Maker order, and how to calculate the trading rebate.

🎯 Maker order

Maker orders are the orders that take place in the order book, not orders that are executed as soon as you place them.

Let's assume that there is an order book like the one above. If you place an order to sell 10,000 contracts for $12,363, 10,000 contracts will be accumulated in 49,363 contracts already stacked at $12,363. The case where your orders are accumulated in the order book is called a maker order. If you place an order to sell 10,000 contracts at $12,362, since 23,404 purchase contracts are already accumulated at $12,362, my 10,000 contracts do not accumulate in the order book. This will be a Taker order, not a Maker order. Taker orders will be explained in more detail in the following blog post.

🎯 Advantages of a Maker Order

As explained above, Maker orders serve to provide liquidity for other traders as the buy or sell balances are accumulated in the order book. Therefore, in the MCS BTC/USDT perpetual contract product, the trader who successfully concludes the trading with a maker order does not pay a trading fee, but rather receive a fee rebate of 0.025%.

🎯 Maker Rebate Fee Calculation

You can calculate how much rebate you can get for placing a Maker order using the following formula:

💡 Maker Order Rebate Formula = Position Value * 0.025%Example)

In the above order book, if I submit 10,000 contracts for $12,363 as a Maker order, and this order is successfully executed by someone, the Maker rebate I receive is as follows:

💡 Position value = (10000 / 12363) = 0.80886516 BTC

The position value can be calculated through (Contract Quantity / Transaction Price), and the position value of 10,000 contracts for $12363 is 0.80886516 BTC.

Multiply this position value by 0.025% to get the rebate I will receive.

💡 0.80886516 * 0.025% = 0.00020222 BTC

Therefore, if the Sell Maker order of 10,000 contracts for $12,363 is successfully executed, I will receive a rebate of 0.00020222 BTC to my balance.

Since the rebate for maker orders is different for each perpetual contract product, it is recommended that you check the fee information before trading and then trade.


I am a Bitcoin margin trader, Hedgehog. Thank you for reading this post.


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