MCS | Merits and Risks of Margin Trading!

MCS | Merits and Risks of Margin Trading!

*This post has been written by Hedgehog, an MCS influencer and one of Korea's famous cryptocurrency key opinion leaders.


Greetings from MCS, the derivatives trading platform where traders ALWAYS come first.

These days, those who invest in spot trading of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are entering into bitcoin margin trading, which lets traders earn high returns with little capital. Today, we will talk about the merits and risks of bitcoin margin trading.

First of all, what are the advantages of bitcoin margin trading on MCS?

🎯 Up to 100x leverage Available!

On the MCS cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, you can trade on margin using up to 100x leverage. The use of up to 100 times leverage means that you can manage up to 100 times the amount of assets you own. If you make an investment by depositing 0.1 BTC on the MCS cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, you can utilize an asset of 0.1 BTC * 100 times = 10 BTC!

🎯 You can short sell on the price drop of Bitcoin!

In the traditional cryptocurrency spot exchanges, the concept of short selling does not exist at all, so the phrase "short sell on the price drop of Bitcoin" might sound a little off to some of you. In the stock market, short selling is an investment strategy in which if the price of a particular stock is expected to fall, you borrow stocks and place a sell order without holding actual stocks. Later when the price actually falls, you buy stocks at a low price, repay the borrowed amount, and take profit from the difference in return in the process. On the MCS cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, trading is conducted in contract units not spot, and if you want to short sell, you can enter a short position and make a counter order if the price decreases in the future to realize the profit from the difference.

💡 "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Like this adage, you should not be just reading this article, but got to try Bitcoin short selling on MCS with the $5 bonus given to new traders!

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MCS cryptocurrency derivatives exchange where you can trade on margin with up to 100 times and short sell on a decline in cryptocurrency prices!! But, it is important to know that there are as many risks as advantages.

🎯 Profits can be Doubled, Losses can be Doubled!

If you trade on margin with up to 100x leverage, the profit made is amplified tremendously, but on the contrary, the loss may roll up like a snowball. So keep in mind that even if you can trade your assets on margin with up to 100x, reckless use of leverage can lead to huge losses, so you should always trade strategically!

🎯 Risk of Liquidation!

If you trade on margin with up to 100x leverage, you shouldn't only worry about huge losses. There is a concept called margin call, which is called liquidation. In the case of liquidation, if the maintenance margin rate of the position you are holding is not maintained at 0.5%, the liquidation will be forced, and if the liquidation proceeds, the amount held as your margin in the position will become zero. In short, you can lose all of your investments. We will explain in detail about the liquidation next time.

💡 "Leverage is a Double-edged Sword."

Without a doubt, leverage has both merits and risks. Leverage trading is a typical high-risk high-return, a double-edged sword that can be beneficial or harmed to you depending on how you use it. I wish all MCS traders to realize financial freedom by wisely using this leverage, a key element of Bitcoin margin trading, along with short selling.


I am a Bitcoin margin trader, Hedgehog. Thank you for reading this post.

*Trading with leverage is clearly a way to earn a large return; however, it is highly risky. Before trading with leverage, I strongly recommend that you fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of leveraged trading.


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