MCS | A Whole New MCS

MCS | A Whole New MCS


Greetings from MCS, the derivatives trading platform where traders ALWAYS come first.

2022: The Year of MCS Big Change

About a year and a half have passed since the launch in June 2020. We are now about 6 months away from the 2nd anniversary, and we believe this is the best time to face the shortcomings of the past and to announce the future of MCS to our valued traders who have given us much love and support.

As MCS has received the love and interest of many traders, we would like to humbly but calmly face the shortcomings of the past and tell you about the MCS that will change in the future.

Shout out to all our traders around the world who have continuously supported MCS! According to Google Analytics, MCS traders are located globally, except for a few countries and regions such as Sassen–Bünsow Land National Park and North Korea.

With such rapid growth, the need for an infrastructure expansion has emerged internally and externally. We received a lot of constructive feedback from all our traders, especially regarding server maintenance and requests for more cryptocurrency products. Thanks to all these valuable opinions, MCS is now in the process of creating a new MCS over the next six months.

MCS with a More Secure Trading System through Process Simplification

By March, MCS will streamline all the necessary processes for the system to provide all our traders with an optimal trading experience.

By prioritizing infrastructure improvement before making external changes, MCS is working on creating a system that can deliver the industry's highest order, inquiry speed of 0.1s on average, operate a stable server (even with extensive data), and provide a consistent response speed. Furthermore, MCS will continuously upgrade the system through continuous monitoring.

Added Features for the Most Ideal Trading Experience

We will strive to improve our system and introduce new functions to add convenience to trading.

First, Metamask integration into the MCS platform.

Although at the moment, many traders can trade conveniently as the MCS platform does not require KYC, we believe that many of us wish to avoid the hassle of even creating an account. MCS has also prepared a way for traders who are uncomfortable with depositing/ withdrawing cryptocurrency to the exchange by integrating Metamask into the platform. Ultimately, all services on MCS can be easily linked to Metamask accounts.

In addition to the futures exchange, MCS is preparing a spot exchange where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency directly. Trade Mining using MCS tokens, which will be the core of the exchange in the future, is also in the development process. More details on the new features will be announced in the near future.

The Future is Brighter for MCS.

By the 2nd anniversary (June 15, 2022), more and more traders will be using MCS and experiencing a new era of finance. MCS is preparing so many exciting things for the second half of 2022 as well. We look forward to all our traders experiencing the new MCS during the year's first half, and stay tuned for the upcoming updates for the 2nd half of 2022!

MCS team is not the only one who is making this happen. The whole new MCS is only possible thanks to all our trader's feedback and continuous support. Starting with this announcement, we will be opening more active and constructive communication through our official SNS and Telegram channels. MCS is also planning to have various community events in the upcoming month. So, join us on our journey to provide you with a better experience, and together let's build a more significant community by introducing MCS to the people all around us.

The future is bright for MCS. And it is only possible because of all of you.

Traders always come first on MCS!

Thank you!

MCS Team

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