MCS | Introduction to the MCS Affiliate Program (Up to 40% Commission)

MCS | Introduction to the MCS Affiliate Program (Up to 40% Commission)


Greetings from MCS, the derivatives trading platform where traders ALWAYS come first.

The MCS Affiliate Program has launched on MCS. We have prepared many benefits for our Traders including the industry-leading 40% commission. For more information, please refer to the following.

๐Ÿ•ถ MCS Affiliate Program

The MCS Affiliate Program is a win-win program that enables the mutual benefit of influencers (YouTubers, bloggers, etc.) and MCS. As an influencer, you can become an affiliate of MCS and receive a real-time commission settlement of 40% of the trading fee of referees, as well as a variety of industry-leading additional benefits.

๐Ÿ‘‘ MCS Affiliate Industry's Best Benefits

1. Industry-leading commission
When you become an MCS affiliate, 40% of the trading fees of direct referees you brought are paid to you as a commission. In addition, we provide a 10% additional commission when you bring sub-affiliates.

2. Real-time Commission Settlement
MCS Affiliates do not have to wait for their commissions to be paid. All affiliate commissions are settled in real-time.

3. Dedicated 1-on-1 Management
Get quick support from your dedicated manager who is available 24/7

4. Affiliate-Only Dashboard
MCS Affiliates can check data transparently in real-time through a dedicated dashboard.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Requirements for MCS Affiliate Application

  1. You must have your own SNS (YouTube, Blog, Telegram Group, etc).
  2. For affiliates of other exchanges, if you can provide relevant references, it will be beneficial for affiliate review.

For more information on the MCS Affiliate Program, please visit the following page:

MCS Affiliate Program:
โ—๏ธ To apply for an MCS Affiliate, please use the MCS Affiliate page.

If you have any inquiries related to the MCS Affiliates Program, please contact [email protected]. All MCS Affiliate inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.

Traders ALWAYS come first on MCS.

Thank You.


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