MCS | Daily Bitcoin Airdrop

MCS | Daily Bitcoin Airdrop

※ Updated on 2021/10/15: Daily Bitcoin Airdrop event will end on October 16th at 00:00 UTC until further notice


Welcome to MCS, the world-class derivatives trading platform where traders ALWAYS come first.

Win Bitcoin Daily! Create/Publish content that links back to MCS. The MCS team will select winners on a daily basis.

Rewards will be distributed in Bitcoin & "MCS Tokens" to your MCS Wallet.

[Bitcoin Rewards]

Deposited to your MCS account

  • 1st Place: $30 (Worth of Bitcoin)
  • 2nd Place: $15
  • 3rd Place: $5

[MCS Token Rewards]

MCS is an Exchange Token for MCS Trading Platform.

  • 4th Place: 100 MCS
  • 5th Place: 50 MCS
  • 6th Place: 40 MCS
  • 7th Place: 30 MCS
  • 8th Place: 20 MCS
  • 9th Place: 10 MCS
  • 10th Place: 10 MCS

[How to Participate]

  1. Follow MCS Social Accounts (Twitter/Facebook/Telegram)
  2. Create a post (Crypto-Topic) with an "MCS Link"
  3. Submit in this Google-Form to be added to the Raffle

[Pre-Requisite Follow]

Make sure to follow the following accounts. If you don't follow these accounts will be excluded from this event.

[Content Types]

  • Blog Post
  • YouTube Video
  • Telegram Post
  • Social Posts (Facebook/Twitter/Reddit/etc)

[Post Requirements]

Must include a link to MCS Trading Platform

Traders ALWAYS come first on MCS.

Thank you.

MCS Team

Read the Market, Trade with Confidence, Triumph Your Future


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