MCS | MCS MainNet Early Bird Registration Event Has Started💡

MCS's Early Bird event is now on Live. Check the benefits of joining our serivce and don't miss them out.

MCS | MCS MainNet Early Bird Registration Event Has Started💡


Hello, this is MCS.


As the third event of 'Be The First of MCS', ⭐️MCS MainNet Early Bird Registration Event⭐️ has started.



⏰ MainNet Early Bird Registration Period

May 11th 3am(UTC) ~ May 25th 3am(UTC)

Register NOW



Early Bird Benefits

Benefit 1. Doubled Welcome Bonus($20)

Those who have registered MCS MainNet during the early bird registration period will receive a $20 welcome bonus, which is doubled for the normal one.


Benefit 2. Commission Benefit for 1 month

Traders who have done with an early bird registration will receive  20% off taker fee rates for 1 month.


Benefit 3. 💰$55 Bonus💰 for 55 Traders

Among the traders, who have done with an early bird registration, 55 traders will be given $55 bonus. The winners will be chosen randomly.




1️⃣ A trader who has been selected as a MCS honorary tester may not be combined with <benefit 2>.

2️⃣ The results of <benefit 3> will be announced on May 26th, and all kinds of bonuses under the early bird event will be distributed on June 1st.

3️⃣ Traders cannot withdraw the bonus, however withdrawing all profits will be possible.

4️⃣ The bonus can be used as margins, and the bonus will be used first as a fee or contract loss.

5️⃣ Once the withdrawal of profits is processed, all bonuses will no longer be usable for trading. However, if the trader cancels the withdrawal request, the bonuses will be restored.

6️⃣ If we detect any fraudulent activity, such as acquiring the bonus through multiple accounts, the accounts will be permanently suspended without prior warning.

7️⃣ The final interpretation of the <MainNet Early Bird Registration Event> is on the MCS and the contents of the event may be changed or cancelled depending on the situation.



MCS will consider traders at the first.

Thank you.




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