MCS | Ground X's "Klaytn" Dives into the Open Sea of NFTs

MCS | Ground X's "Klaytn" Dives into the Open Sea of NFTs


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Kakao Corp's blockchain company Ground X's project 'Klaytn (KLAY)' is focusing its business direction on the expansion of the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem. In this regard, on June 16, 2021, a webinar was held to introduce Klaytn's NFT services through its own YouTube channel.

As a blockchain platform developed by Kakao Corp's subsidiary, which operates a messenger service "KakaoTalk", used by 96% of the South Korean population, 'Klaytn', received a lot of attention from the market at the time of its launch, applying blockchain in various fields. Attempts were made to lower barriers to the blockchain industry, but were not the greatest fit in the market. However, it is viewed that they are once again trying to become a main player in the blockchain and cryptocurrency market by entering foot in the NFT craze that is currently happening.

In May 2021, 'KrafterSpace', a service based on the 'Klaytn' blockchain where anyone can easily issue non-fungible tokens (NFT), was launched. In addition, NFTs created using this service can be traded in the world's largest NFT marketplace 'OpenSea'.

KrafterSpace is a service where anyone can easily and quickly issue NFTs. If you upload an image or video file, it immediately issues a KIP-17 token, the Klaytn-based NFT standard protocol. This means that anyone who lacks an understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency can sell their work in the NFT market. It is also noteworthy that it is the second platform integrated to OpenSea, a global service that was only provided NFTs in the Ethereum network.

In addition, in July, it was announced that they would launch a digital art exhibition/distribution service called 'Klip Drops'. This is a service that will be connected with the parent company service KakaoTalk's digital asset wallet 'Klip'. In particular, considering that various artists have already been registered in the KakaoTalk emoticon service, it is expected that many NFT artworks will be introduced to the market through Klip Drops.

Considering that Klaytn's move can also be used in conjunction with the big picture of Kakao Corp, which is drawing the metaverse, it seems to be necessary to keep an eye on the future steps of 'Klaytn' in the expectation that it will advance the adoption of blockchain.

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