MCS | Intel’s Crypto Mining Chipset?

MCS | Intel’s Crypto Mining Chipset?


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Do you enjoy playing games?

A sound graphics card is essential for playing the latest games.


The use of graphic cards for mining bitcoin has caused the price to skyrocket.

American semiconductor manufacturer Intel (Intel) gave good news in this situation.

Intel announced that it would release a semiconductor chipset for cryptocurrency mining in February 2022.

According to Tom's Hardware, an IT media on the 18th (local time), Intel is developing a new ultra-low-power semiconductor chipset (ASIC), Bonanza Mine. He said that it is likely to be announced in late February.

A few reasons made this semiconductor chipset very important in the ASIC. An Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), as the name suggests, is an integrated circuit designed and built for a specific purpose, rather than being made to be used in many ways. In other words, this semiconductor chipset can be viewed as an optimized product for cryptocurrency mining. According to the source, since it uses so little power, the mining efficiency is higher than that of a general CPU or mining graphics card (GPU).

Back in December of last year, Intel's senior vice president, Raja Koduri, said that Intel is working on blockchain transactional efficiency and will soon reveal "interesting" hardware. Considering these comments, the fact that it has already obtained a patent for a high-efficiency bitcoin mining processor in 2018 and secured a stake in Coinbase last year, it seems clear that Intel is pro-cryptocurrency.

The recent propaganda of Apple's silicon and AMD's leap have been the dominant opinion that Intel's reputation is not as good as it used to be.

But is the world giving Intel another chance? Due to the global semiconductor supply and demand crisis, the fact that cryptocurrency mining is also experiencing a supply shortage in the aftermath seemed like an opportunity for Intel to acquire a new market easily. Intel also sees this as a unique market-leading opportunity and seems to respond quickly.

We will see Intel's new semiconductor chipset in a month or so. It seems like it will be interesting to see if China's Bitmain can overturn Intel's current situation, which holds the mining ASIC market tightly.

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