MCS | Introducing MCS Token

MCS | Introducing MCS Token

MCS, a global cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, announces the issuance of MCS Token.

MCS token is a CeFi & DeFi token that will be used for the upcoming DeFi services and the MCS trading platform.

The total supply of MCS token is 13 billion. In order to provide a better product, YGGDRASH (YEED) and REMIIT (REMI) have united, and the total supply amount consists of 10 billion for YEED token swap, approximately 270 million for REMI token swap, and 2.75 billion for community users who contribute to the development of the upcoming services.

With the issuance of MCS token on June 15, 2021, existing YEED tokens and REMI tokens can be swapped into MCS token in accordance with the following exchange rates:

  • YEED ←→ MCS : 1 ←→ 1
  • REMI ←→ MCS : 10 ←→ 1 (All non-community tokens will be burned)

MCS Token

MCS token (ERC-20) contract: 0x2fdF40C484b1BD6F1c214ACAC737FEDc8b03E5a8

Total Supply:
13,000,000,000 MCS

YEED In Circulation: 6,548,889,424 YEED

YEED owned by the Foundation: 1,930,663,335 YEED

YEED owned by the Team: 1,500,000,000 YEED

REMI Swap Allocation : 270,447,241 MCS

2,750,000,000 MCS

Token Swap Procedure

MCS token swap starts at 6 am on June 15, 2021 (UTC) via the following site:

MCS Token Swap:

The manual swap does not currently have a service end date, but it is recommended to swap your tokens quickly to utilize the various benefits MCS token will offer.

The token swap will also take place in cryptocurrency exchanges that listed YEED such as Bitfinex. The swap procedure is slightly different for each exchange, so please proceed with the swap through the guide provided by the exchange. For details on the procedure, please contact each exchange. If you do not want to proceed with the swap through the centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, you can withdraw YEED to your personal Metamask and use the aforementioned token swap service to make a swap.

MCS Token Swap Service User Manual

1/ Visit the MCS Token Swap Service ( ) and connect your personal Metamask

2/ When the connection is successful, you can see the amount of YEED/REMI in the “SWAP” section

3/ Click on “Approve”

4/ Select the token you want to swap → Enter the quantity to swap (Your entire balance will automatically be entered into the system upon clicking MAX)

5/ Click on “Confirm Swap” button → Check the swap details on Metamask → Click on “Confirm” button

6. Token swap is now done!

How to Check MCS Token in Metamask

  • Click on ‘Add Token’ on Metamask and move to ‘Custom Token’ tab
  • Enter the new MCS contract address into the ‘Token Contract Address’ field
MCS token (ERC-20) contract: 0x2fdF40C484b1BD6F1c214ACAC737FEDc8b03E5a8
  • MCS token is now added to your Metamask

MCS Token is Secure.

The stability of MCS token has been thoroughly audited by Certik, a global blockchain, and cryptocurrency security company, and it safely protects users and holders from various external threats.

Details on the use of MCS token will be announced in future announcements.

Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Team MCS