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MCS | Let's Create an NFT


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If you're an artist or a designer, and you've heard about the recent NFTs craze, you might have wondered how you can create and sell your own NFTs. Thanks to the invention of blockchain and its transparency, the good news is that anyone can now mint NFTs and start making profits from them.

Step #1: Selecting your Artwork

The first thing to do when creating an NFT is to choose your artwork. A non-fungible token created using blockchain technology is a digital asset with a unique identification value stored in the blockchain. NFT tokens can represent any digital file which means you can make an NFT by producing a digital painting, text, music, or video and keep it as a multimedia file. Thanks to this unique identification value, counterfeiting and tampering are impossible.

Step #2:  Decide on Which Blockchain to Issue NFT

To create NFTs, a user will need to decide which blockchain to use to issue the NFTs. Currently, many blockchains supporting NFT-services have become increasingly popular, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Flow, Tron, EOS, and Polkadot. To date, the most popular Ethereum blockchain network is being utilized by many NFT marketplaces.

Step #3: Choose NFT-centric Platforms (Marketplace)

After deciding on your art and blockchain, all you need to do is find an NFT-centric platform or a marketplace to create and lists your NFTs virtually. There are currently many NFT-centric platforms that allow you to connect your wallet, upload your chosen digital art, and turn it into an NFT. The leading and most used Ethererum NFT marketplaces include OpenSea, Rarible, and Mintable. In this post, we will use OpenSea as an example because OpenSea is free to join and doesn't require one to be approved as an artist to be selling on the platform

Step #4: Setting-up on OpenSea

  1. On the website, click on the [Create] button and connect your Ethereum-based wallet
  2. Click on the [My Collections] and create the collection
  3. Now, create a folder for NFT's to upload your artwork, add a name, and include a description to help promote your artwork
  4. Add a banner image to the page by clicking on the edit icon
  5. Create your first NFT by clicking on the [Add New Item] button
  6. Upload your artwork (pictures, painting, text, music, etc. and click on the [Create] button

Step #5: How to Sell NFTs

To sell NFTs on a Marketplace like OpenSea, you can sell the artwork after defining the conditions of the sale, including whether to run an auction or sell it at a fixed price. Apart from that, users on OpenSea have the option to royalties program where the NFT creators can earn commission every time an artwork is sold.

So, how about creating your own NFT today?

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