MCS | MCS Moving Forward

MCS | MCS Moving Forward


Greetings from MCS, the derivatives trading platform where traders ALWAYS come first.

A year and a half have passed since the beta test in February 2020.

Thanks to the bull market started around the same time as the official launch in June 2020,  many traders have visited MCS from the beginning, and on the first anniversary of the official launch, MCS reached the accumulated trading volume of $87 billion. What is more pleasing to MCS than the increased trading volume is that many traders who used the service thankfully realized profits. The various events held and will hold under the slogan of ‘Be A Trader’ highly contribute to trading volume growth over time. We are looking for more diverse ways for the growth of services and the growth of trader's assets to go hand in hand.

It is true that MCS has always considered the traders as the top priority, but amid rapid development, it has sometimes caused inconvenience to the traders. However, when an issue arises, MCS does not avoid responsibility and puts compensation to the traders as the top priority, and always strives to minimize the damage to the traders through quick decision-making.

The past year has passed like an arrow for the MCS team. Recently, as the cryptocurrency market entered a lull for a while, it was time to look back on the busily passing time. We would like to take this opportunity to revisit the goal of MCS and share our short thoughts on the future direction with our valued MCS traders.

MCS will become a platform where hundreds of various derivatives are traded.

Everyone on the MCS team sees the potential of Bitcoin very greatly. Therefore, we believe that owning Bitcoin (or Ethereum), which has a brighter future than any other country's currency, is much more valuable, and we plan to launch a variety of quanto* products that will benefit you in realizing profits in the future. Currently, MCS is the only trading platform in the industry that allows various quanto product trading without the cumbersome KYC process. We are also aware of the high demand for stablecoins, so we plan to add a USDT market for traders in the near future, allowing traders to experience “real trading” in more colorful ways.

* Quanto: Derivatives that are not settled in one of the base and counter currencies of the trading pair, but in another asset.

We will continue to listen more closely to what traders have to say.

We, MCS, value the opinions of traders more than any other trading platform out there.

MCS Live Chat, which records 98% satisfaction, is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for a smooth trading experience for traders. In addition, for the convenience of traders, we support withdrawal on-demand.

Recently, a survey was conducted with traders, and many people requested improvement of order book liquidity and trading fee system.

Trading Fee Update

MCS updated the trading fees as follows on July 19th, 2021, and many traders are currently trading with satisfaction.

  • Perpetual contract: Maker 0.02% ; Taker 0.04%
  • Futures contract: Maker 0.025% ; Taker 0.05%

Liquidity Improvement

MCS has been actively recruiting LP partners to improve liquidity, and was able to provide five times the liquidity as of the 23rd. (FYI, MCS is looking for more LP partners.)

In addition, many aspects of the trading chart have been improved, and information about positions in hand and open orders will be reflected in the chart soon.

And in August, we are preparing to release the long-awaited MCS official mobile application.

In the future MCS envisions, we believe that cryptocurrency will become a major axis of global finance and currency; and MCS wants to stand firm at the center of that change and grow into a platform that many people can trust and trade. To this end, MCS will continue to listen to traders more and more, develop rapidly, and stay the platform where traders ALWAYS come first.

Thank you so much for always supporting us.


MCS Team

Read the Market, Trade with Confidence, Triumph Your Future


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