MCS | MCS Team Token Distribution KPI Schedule

MCS | MCS Team Token Distribution KPI Schedule


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MCS Team Token Distribution KPI Schedule

The MCS team has decided to revamp its out-dated tokenomics schedule for the team tokens. Most projects will usually unlock the team tokens according to a time schedule. However, we believe that tokens should only be unlocked if the team has succeeded in bringing value to the token. So we have decided to base our team token distribution on a market capitalization KPI schedule.

Google sheet link :

👑 Goal

👉 Collectively work as a team towards making MCS successful 👉 Not significantly negatively effect the price of MCS 👉 Further reward outstanding team members

👑 Conditions

👉 Market cap KPI is achieved when the closing price(coingecko) of MCS is over the KPI for 30 days 👉 Tokens are distributed for six months for each KPI that is achieved 👉 If the market cap falls below the KPI for more than 7 days in a month, tokens are put on hold until the KPI is achieved again 👉 Employees that leave MCS do not receive tokens after leaving 👉 Token distribution dates : End of month

As believers in blockchain technology, one of the key values we take very seriously is aligning incentives. We firmly believe that by aligning the team members with the success of token will help MCS become successful.

To kick-off this new KPI schedule, the team members will be distributed 20,000,000 MCS tokens over the next six months first.

See you at the first market cap target : $5m! 🤠

Traders always come first on MCS!

Thank you!