MCS | MCS Token Q&A

MCS | MCS Token Q&A


Greetings from MCS, the derivatives trading platform where traders always come first.

First of all, thank you everyone for taking your time to submit the questions. We read all of them thoroughly and answered them in a sincere manner.

Q. When can I trade MCS Token on the MCS trading platform? Do you have a plan to open a derivatives trading for MCS Token?

A. We plan to add the spot trading feature for MCS Token in June. As for listing date of the futures contract, it will be decided based on the market cap and volume of the MCS Token.

Q. What is going to happen to the ?

A. We do not have a definite date for the closing of yet, but we advise the holders who still have YEED to swap them into MCS Token as soon as possible.

Q. Tokenomics of MCS Token

A. Currently we are being extremely limiting in releasing more tokens into the market. We understand the MCS holders have been waiting a long time for a new tokenomics features, but any kind of incentives without a strong product(s) will only hurt the project more. Currently our guiding principle is to find product market fit first and then apply token incentives along with burning mechanisms. We believe this is the best way to sustainbly improve the tokenomics of MCS.

Q. How do you plan to increase the trading volume and the price?

A. As stated above we believe in finding product market fit first before token incentives and burns. Currently we are focusing on revamping the futures system and planning to add spot trading to the range of products MCS offers. When these products gain usage, we aim to integrate features to increase utility and burns to control the supply of the token. These actions could help increase the liquidity for MCS.

Q. What is the most similar CEX token to MCS Token?

A. We are benchmarking tokens most exchange tokens in the space including Kucoin's KCS and Gatecoin's GT token.

Q. Roadmap for MCS Token

A. We are currently focusing on the roadmap for the trading services. We will share a token roadmap once it is ready.

Q. What is MCS Token's target price of the team?

A. The team cannot comment on the price of MCS.

Q. Future listing for MCS Token

A. We plan to list MCS Token on our exchange first. We do have plans to list MCS Token on major exchanges at the moment.

Q. Will there be an MCS node in the future?

A. We do not have plans for masternodes at the moment.

Q. Do you have any plans to burn or lockup the Team's and VC's tokens?

A. All VC tokens have been unlocked and the team token lockup period has been extended.

Q. Will there be more fundraising?

A. We are currently concentrating on the MCS trading platform and MCS Token, and are not considering additional fundraising.

Q. When will the MCS App for iOS be released?

A. The iOS version of MCS App will be released in 2022.

Traders always come first on MCS!

Thank you!

MCS Team

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