MCS | MCS Weekly Dev & Operations Report (Apr 4 - Apr 10)

MCS | MCS Weekly Dev & Operations Report (Apr 4 - Apr 10)


Greetings from MCS, the derivatives trading platform where traders always come first.

MCS Weekly Dev & Operations Report(Apr 4 - Apr 10)



Next Gen MCS -TestNet Infrastructure Provisioning- Completed

-Mainnet Infrastructure Provisioning- Pending

Mainnet Cloud Flare Settings

Set Mainnet Customization


-Quality Assurance Test: In Progress (Order, Funding)


-Support according to QA schedule

-S3→Transfer to API

-MCS-Earn Alpha Project -In progress


-MCS Earn Beta Project- Web,Admin Wireframe - Completed

-Account Web, MWeb- Completed

-Affiliate Web, MWeb- In Progress


Blog & Twitter post: Mina Protocol

Ambassador Program: Meeting complete

Fortnightly Campaigns: Completed

Next Gen MCS Project proposal: In Progress

Twitter Followers: 2,264

Telegram Members: 1,686

MCS Token Holders: 540

Traders always come first on MCS!

Thank you!