MCS | MCS Weekly Dev & Operations Report (Mar 7 - Mar 13)

MCS | MCS Weekly Dev & Operations Report (Mar 7 - Mar 13)


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MCS Weekly Dev & Operations Report

(Mar 7 - Mar 13)


- Legacy Staging Infrastructure Fade Out Preparation
Next MCS
- Mainnet provisioning plan (DB centric): Completed
- Apply microservice DB usage identification: In Progress
- Schedule 8 pods - Create an Internal Application Load Balancer +
— Argo: Done
— Next Generation Migration Documentation: Completed
— OAuth Redis Added: Completed
— RDS (MySQL), Redis, Confluent Kafka: In Progress

Login Bugfix
Deposit & Withdrawal Bugfix
ADL Order Structure

Support according to QA schedule
Overall Data Improvement (API & Socket)
Partial Restructuring and Refactoring
Native App
- Development Setting


Next Gen MCS QA
- Login/Signup, Account Configuration, Order (WIP), Deposit & Withdrawals
MCS Main Page
- New Web and Mobile Design in Development
Spot Trading System Design
- Wallet, Trade, History


5 Finalists for the MCS Token Ambassador Program Nominated
- Contract closing period
Talk&Tweet Event
Key Stats:
- Twitter Followers: 2,211
- Telegram Members: 1,656
- MCS Token Holders: 525

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MCS Team

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