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MetaMask is an auxiliary program/plug-in made to exchange Ethereum in Chromium-based web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Brave, a few examples of popular web browsers.

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In 2016, blockchain software technology company ConsenSys started developing MetaMask as a browser extension for Firefox and Google Chrome.

MetaMask quickly became popular among cryptocurrency investors after its launch. The demand for its mobile application version has also increased. However, many people were affected by fake MetaMask malware used to exploit this indiscriminately on Google Play and Chrome Web Store. As a result, Google decided to remove the official MetaMask beta application from the store, and it was only re-registered in January 2020. Users can easily trade through token swaps by launching the DEX aggregation service. However, each transaction is subject to a 0.875% fee.

MetaMask went out of beta testing and became the official version in 2019. In 2020, a version of MetaMask compatible with iOS and Android devices was also released.

Source: MetaMask Twitter,

In April 2021, MetaMask had approximately 5 million users. At the time of this writing, with the growth of the cryptocurrency market, the number has surpassed 21 million. The recent announcement to support NFT has attracted many users to choose MetaMask. It seems to have grown significantly as MetaMask is used for various reasons such as blockchain games and metaverse.

It is exciting to see what Metamask will look like in 2022, which is expected to expand in various fields in the future.

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