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Who is Siraj Raval (@sirajraval)?

Source: Siraj Raval YouTube

Siraj RavalAccording to Laval, he earned up to $800 a month from cryptocurrency mining. is the infamous data scientist and creator who uploaded a video on his YouTube a year ago on hacking Tesla's internal computer and battery to mine Bitcoin.

It was a risky challenge that could cause damage to the vehicle, although according to Siraj, he has successfully created a mining environment. The question is he still mining a year later?

On January 9, 2022, CNBC gave the answer.

According to Laval, he earned up to $800 a month from cryptocurrency mining.

Tesla Model 3, Source: Tesla

Raval connected an Apple Mac mini M1 to his 2018 Tesla Model 3. An inverter was plugged into the internal central unit to power the computer. A graphics processing unit (GPU) was installed in the Tesla's trunk (front trunk) and operated by the car's built-in battery.

After many trials, Raval explained that connecting Tesla's internal computer and GPU directly to the electric vehicle's motors was most profitable. After installation, he used Tesla to mine for approximately 20 hours a day. Reval recorded a net profit of about $400 to a maximum of $800 per month (based on the highest Ethereum price in 2021).

According to Raval, "Tesla becomes a computer on wheels with easy hacking and a GPU connection." Mining from electric vehicles makes electricity cheaper, so even voiding Tesla's car warranty would be worthwhile.

So, will it be a good idea to buy a Tesla now? Let's see another opinion.

Another YouTuber, Chris Allessi, took on a similar challenge.

Source: KmanAuto (Chris Allessi) YouTube

He tried to mine using the famous Bitcoin miner Bitmain Antminer S9, and he believes that it is entirely useless considering the damage done to expensive vehicles.

According to his experience, in 2018, he spent more than 60 hours mining bitcoins worth about $10 (about $80 in today's value). He expressed a very negative view, saying, "I would rather have a part-time job at McDonald's," he said.

These days, almost all automakers are introducing electric vehicles. This exciting challenge will definitely continue in the future.

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