MCS | What Can You Buy With Bitcoin (BTC)?

MCS | What Can You Buy With Bitcoin (BTC)?


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On April 2nd, 2021, Bitcoin had surpassed the $60,000 level. This is about 20 times higher than that of a year ago! One of the biggest reasons is that many corporations started to see Bitcoin as a store of value in the market with high liquidity. The rising rally of the cryptocurrency market leader is also playing a big role in revitalizing the cryptocurrency market in various fields, including the DeFi.

Bitcoin has been recognized as a "imperfect" payment method due to high volatility and cost of time; has it completely lost its status as a “next generation means of payment" now?

Leaving various opinions aside, let's look at some of the representative services that have recently adopted Bitcoin as a payment method.


Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, tweeted in March that people can purchase Tesla cars with Bitcoin.

General Motors (GM)

InsideBitcoin, a cryptocurrency news site, recently said that the famous American automobile corporation, General Motors, is considering Bitcoin payment.

MLB Oakland Athletics

Oakland Athletics, one of Major League Baseball teams, made 10 luxury suites available for purchase using 1 Bitcoin.

Sino Global (NASDAQ: SINO)

Sino Global, a Nasdaq-listed shipping company, has announced that it will support payment of global shipping and logistics cost services through Bitcoin.


You can pay for Starbucks, Golf Now, Best Buy, Choice Hotel, etc. with cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin through Bakkt mobile wallet.


PayPal had made an official announcement that it will soon launch a cryptocurrency payment service.

In addition to the cases mentioned above, Bitcoin is being added as a payment method in various industries. Despite the existing perception that it is not attractive as a payment method, the Lightning Chain that can compensate for the shortcomings of the cost of time and the expectation of a price increase are making Bitcoin a lot more attractive as a payment method. Seeing which services will add Bitcoin as a payment method will also help determine the maturity of the market.

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