MCSㅣDaily Trading Airdrop

MCSㅣDaily Trading Airdrop

※ Updated on 2021/10/15: Daily Trading Airdrop event will end on October 16th at 00:00 UTC until further notice


Greetings from MCS, the derivatives trading platform where traders ALWAYS come first.

Win Bitcoin Daily! When you have a daily trading volume above 0.0022BTC, you are eligible to win a daily "Prize-Pool" of Bitcoin & MCS-Tokens; which will be periodically increased. The MCS team will select 10 winners randomly who trade above 0.0022BTC on a daily basis. Rewards will be distributed in Bitcoin & "MCS Tokens" to your "MCS Trading Platform" Wallet.

[Bitcoin Rewards]

Deposited directly to your MCS account.

– 1st Place: $30 (Worth of Bitcoin)

– 2nd Place: $15

– 3rd Place: $5

[MCS Token Rewards]

MCS is an Exchange/DeFi Token for

– 4th Place: 100 MCS

– 5th Place: 50 MCS

– 6th Place: 40 MCS

– 7th Place: 30 MCS

– 8th Place: 20 MCS

– 9th Place: 10 MCS

– 10th Place: 10 MCS

[Event Schedule]

Start Date: 2021, August 16th 00:00:00(UTC)

End Date: To be announced later

[Airdrop Deposit Schedule]

10 people will be drawn every day, and the accumulated cryptocurrency is paid out once a week. (Every Monday)

*The amount of Bitcoin to be paid is converted based on the MCS market average price at the time of payment.

[How to Participate]

Eligible Product: All MCS Derivatives Products

Reach trading volume above 0.0022BTC/day

Once you reach a daily trading volume above 0.0022BTC, you will be automatically entered into the “MCS Daily Trading Airdrop” event

[Prerequisite Follow]

Must have created an “MCS Affiliate Link”/ "MCS Referral Link" or your participation will be disqualified

MCS reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time and reason without prior notice. 10 winners will be drawn every day and will be announced on the MCS official SNS channel. Bitcoin will be credited into the winner's account based on the MCS average market price the following day (Payment for Friday to Sunday will be made on the following Monday). MCS tokens will be credited into the winner's MCS wallet every fortnight. Trading volume is calculated daily from 00:00:00~23:59:59(UTC). MCS may request modifications to ensure the accuracy of specific topics. MCS reserves the right to disqualify irregular, low-quality, bulk registered accounts, as well as actions that mimic attributes of manipulation.

Traders ALWAYS come first on MCS.

Thank you.

MCS Team

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