MCS | Misunderstandings of Bitcoin and Blockchain

MCS | Misunderstandings of Bitcoin and Blockchain


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Today we will look into the TOP 5 misunderstandings of Bitcoin and Blockchain.

1. Blockchain=Bitcoin.

'Blockchain', one of the distributed ledger technologies, and 'Bitcoin ', one of the cryptocurrencies of public blockchain networks, have a clear distinction.

🔸 Learn about it:

2. There Are Insiders in Bitcoin.

Nope. Bitcoin's price is driven by external influences and is affected by news occurring not only domestically but also globally.

🔸 The story of a trader who is often misunderstood as a Bitcoin insider:

3. In a bearish market, you lose unconditionally. JUST HODL.

Nope. There are derivatives exchanges where you can profit in bear markets. In derivatives exchanges like MCS(MyCoinStory), you can submit orders that can be profitable even in bear markets.

🔸 HODLing is not enough. It is necessary to find an alternative solution with Perpetual Contracts:

4. Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin creater has been revealed.

Nope. No one has been identified yet, but Bitcoin developer and blockchain expert Craig Wright has recently filed evidence in court that he is Nakamoto. Is he really Nakamoto?

🔸 Full story of the incident revealed on July 6:

5. Plain Vanilla? Ice Cream?

As it comes from the name 'plain', it is the most basic version of a financial instrument, usually options, bonds, futures and swaps. It is the opposite of an exotic instrument, which alters the components of a traditional financial instrument, resulting in a more complex security.

🔸 Vanilla vs Inverse:


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