✨ MyCoinStory July Monthly Recap ✨

✨ MyCoinStory July Monthly Recap ✨


Dear Valued MyCoinStory Traders,


MCS has entered into business partnerships with several institutions and influencers. Based on this, we have taken the first step toward the development of the crypto derivatives market.


Abstract (time order)


🔸 MCS partners with the 1st affiliate in Korea, Hedgehog!

🔸 Maximum leverage up to 100x!

🔸 140% upgraded Maker rebate & Taker trading fee '40%' off event extension!

🔸 MCS partners with Xangle, a data-based digital crypto disclosure platform!

🔸 MCS partners with Moon INC, a global blockchain consulting institution!

🔸 An exclusive interview with the 500% Profit Maker on MCS!


Thanks to supports from many traders, MCS has entered business partnerships or MoU with several institutions or individuals. Our team will do our best to put traders at the first place, and provide better products & services.


🔥 MCS x Hedgehog, the 1st Affiliate in Korea!



MCS(MyCoinStory) has entered into partnership with Bitcoin margin trader "Hedgehog" as the 1st affiliate in Korea! 🎉


Through this partnership with Hedgehogs, MCS will provide various events and benefits to  our Korean traders. We will also work closely with hedgehogs to develop MCS and provide high-quality customer service.


About Hedgehogs, an influencer in blockchain industryHedgehog, a Bitcoin margin trader,  is an influencer with a broad network in blockchain industry. He also actively share industry news and trading related information by running Naver blog, "Bitcoin Margin A to Z," and KakaoTalk community.

👉 Naver Blog of Hedgehog: https://blog.naver.com/hedgehogbtc

👉 Kakao Talk Community of Hedgehog: https://open.kakao.com/o/gRUwA0vb


🔥 Maximum Leverage Up to 100x



From July 13th, the maximum leverage for BTC/USDT perpetual contracts has been adjusted from 50x to 100x. Adjusting the leverage will also bring higher risks. Please keep this in mind when trading.


🔥 Maker & Taker Trading Fee Event Extension! (7.13 ~ 8.13)


Thanks to the enthusiastic supports from our traders, we've decided to extend the 140% upgraded Maker rebate & Taker trading fee '40%' off event to August 13th! (Maker: -0.025% → -0.035%, Taker: 0.075% → 0.045%)


Please don't miss out on this benefit. Wish you have a profitable trade on MCS.




🔥 MCS x Xangle Joins Forces



MCS(MyCoinStory) has partnered with Xangle the data-based digital crypto disclosure platform! 🎉Through this partnership, traders can check information about MCS on Xangle official website and real-time disclosure channel, Xangle T!CKER.


XangleXangle is a disclosed data based cryptocurrency information portal that provides information on over 800 blockchain projects and also delivers due dilligence reports of approximately 400 partner projects to cryptocurrency exchanges. Xangle's global partner exchanges and funds are comprised of more than 60 companies, and they set the disclosure standards including the standards of DART and EDGAR. Also, Xangle integrates and standardizes project information from business to financial status.

🔗 Xangle Homepage: https://xangle.io/


🔥 MoU with a Global Blockchain Consulting Firm, Moon INC



MCS(MyCoinStory) has entered into a business partnership (MOU) with MOON INC, a blockchain consulting company located in the Silicon Valley.


MCS announced that through the collaboration with Moon INC, they will spur into the global market concentrating on marketing across the world. Under this agreement, MOON INC will take advantage of the abundant industry network to fully support MCS' external business activities.


Located in the Silicon Valley, MOON INC is a blockchain consulting company that is an early institutional investor of famous blockchain projects like Ripple, Ethereum and Icon. In addition, MOON INC has a strong network of partners in the blockchain industry providing various consulting services from A to Z to many cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain projects.

🔗 MOON INC Homepage: https://mooninc.global


🔥  Interview with the 500% Profit Maker on MCS


An MCS Trader with UID 10041 has achieved a return of 500% in a recent MCS trading event. To explores the know-hows of getting high profits, a written interview with UID 10041 was conducted by MCS.

Part 1: https://blog.mycoinstory.com/500makerinterview-en/

Part 2: https://blog.mycoinstory.com/500makerinterview2-en/



Traders ALWAYS come first on MCS.


Thank You.





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