MCS | Crypto Derivatives Exchange MCS Enters MoU with Blockchain Consulting Firm Moon INC

MCS | Crypto Derivatives Exchange MCS Enters MoU with Blockchain Consulting Firm Moon INC


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✨ MCS Partners with MOON INC, a Blockchain Consulting Firm in the Sillicon Valley

✨ MOON INC is a well-known institutional investor that has participated in early investments of promising projects such as Ripple, Ethereum, and Icon.

✨ MCS envisions to become a global cryptocurrency exchange with the help of MOON INC


Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange MCS (MyCoinStory) announced on the 27th that it has entered into a business partnership (MOU) with MOON INC, a blockchain consulting company located in the Silicon Valley.


MOON INC is a blockchain consulting company that is an early institutional investor of famous blockchain projects like Ripple, Ethereum and Icon. In addition, MOON INC has a strong network of partners in the blockchain industry providing various consulting services from A to Z to many cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain projects.


MCS announced that through the collaboration with Moon INC, they will spur into the global market concentrating on marketing across the world. Under this agreement, MOON INC will take advantage of the abundant industry network to fully support MCS' external business activities.


An MCS official said, “This agreement with MOON INC is like having a turbo engine for various business development activities that MCS was currently pursuing.” and that "the partnership will largely help in MCS being one of the leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges".


Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange MCS has shown remarkable growth since its official launch on June 15 last month and recently achieved a daily trading volume of $20 million.




Traders ALWAYS come first on MCS.


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