✨ MyCoinStory January 2021 Monthly Recap ✨

✨ MyCoinStory January 2021 Monthly Recap ✨


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After hitting the new-high of $41,000 in mid-January, Bitcoin is forming a box zone by going back and forth

between $30K and 35K over the past week. While Bitcoin is moving within the box,

Bitcoin Dominance has continued to decline and bottomed out with a steep decline after January 21st.

Where did the lost 7% have gone to?

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January Recap

The cryptocurrency market splendidly started in 2021. In January, the market showed a rapid change as if we were riding a roller coaster. In this volatile time, trading derivatives is the winning move! MCS has a BTCUSDT inverse product as well as various Bitcoin-based quanto products. Thank you for using MCS where traders always come first!

In a Nutshell
🔸 Jan 12th Update Report
🔸 The MMR for ETHUSDT Perpetual Contract Lowered!
🔸 The MMR for BTCUSDT Perpetual Contract Lowered!
🔸 MCS Affiliate Program Launched (Up to 40% commission)
🔸 MCS Market Making (MM) Program Launched

Jan 12th Update Report
You can now utilize new features of MCS and apply more advanced trading strategies.

The MMR for ETHUSDT Perpetual Contract Lowered!
The Maintenance Margin Rate for ETHUSDT perpetual contracts on MCS has been lowered from 0.75% to 0.5%.

Investment Tip

What made Bitcoin Dominance into one of the major market indicators?
What can we interpret from it?

Let's Find Out

Investment News

[Cointelegraph] CryptoQuant CEO says Coinbase Bitcoin outflows are a ‘bullish signal’
By Jordan Finneseth
Recent Bitcoin (BTC) outflows from Coinbase are reminiscent of the “proof-of-keys” days and could be a sign of a bullish future.

[CoinDesk] ‘A Good Thing’: Elon Musk Says He’s a Supporter of Bitcoin
By Tanzeel Akhtar
It would be the most "entertaining and ironic outcome" if dogecoin "becomes the currency of [E]arth in the future," Musk also said.


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- Warren Edward Buffett

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