MCS | Tron Creator's DEFI Project $SUN Token

MCS | Tron Creator's DEFI Project $SUN Token

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This article is about SUN, a DEFI Project, which is drawing the attention of many cryptocurrency traders.

Tron's DEFI Project SUN is a project run by the creator of Tron - Justin Sun.

🌞 Tron DEFI - SUN

Tron's DEFI SUN is a project directly undertaken by the Tron Foundation, and after a long period of thought and deliberation on DeFi, the SUN project was officially announced on August 31 through a medium article. The SUN project, designed as the bitcoin on the TRON network, is 100% community driven through open source smart contracts without any VC, Private Equity investment nor team allocation.

Fully community-focused, SUN is said to devote to the potential of Tron's DEFI network. The Tron Foundation, which has watched with interest in the emergence of the ecosystem by a series of communities such as MakerDao, Compound, AAVE, YFI, etc. on Ethereum, is said to use SUN to demonstrate the active development and potential of TRON's DEFI autonomous community.

The SUN project is the product of Tron's burgeoning DeFi business, but it does more than that. SUN says it will develop into a sustainable and decentralized autonomous space. SUN isn't perfect, but it can be seen as an experiment centered around community governance. It is also said that the SUN community will be encouraged to make, debate, and implement bolder and more revolutionary proposals. SUN announced that they are starting Genesis Mining with a sincere effort to help the community rule SUN. While SUN inherits the bitcoin characteristic of absolute fair distribution, SUN improves the way governance is conducted to achieve full autonomy in the SUN community.

🌞 When is SUN's Genesis Mining?

It is said that SUN's first mining "Genesis Mining" will officially start on September 2nd, 2020. SUN Genesis mining using Tron will begin for about two weeks until September 16th and this will be named SUN Day where the token will be officially released on this day. The total supply of SUN is 19,900,730, which is known as the birthday of Justin Sun, the founder of Tron.

🌞 How To Mine SUN?

You can participate in SUN's initial Genesis mining by staking the smart contract of the Genesis Mining Pool on Sun's official website SUN.MARKET. On September 16th, the rewards for Genesis Mining are distributed and SUN Mining is officially launched, and during the Genesis mining period, 10% more SUN is distributed than the regular mining period.

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