MCS | The Story Behind The New MCS Logo

MCS | The Story Behind The New MCS Logo


Greetings from MCS, the derivatives trading platform where traders ALWAYS come first.

MCS has changed its old logo for one it believes better symbolizes the MCS trading platform and the MCS Team!🎉

Since the launch, MCS has been on the quest to create a trading platform for traders. The Team is working day and night to make a stable and reliable platform, and the new logo is the best depiction of them.

The 🔹two Blue parallelograms🔹 represent the MCS trading platform's ever-growing STABILITY and RELIABILITY respectively. MCS is known for its overload-free trading environment and the outstanding trading matching engine with 250,000 TPS. Also, the partnership with BitGo, the global asset custodial service, makes MCS reliable.

The 🔺Red right triangle🔺 represents Team's PASSION for the cryptocurrency and the blockchain. The passion lets us to serve our traders with the top of line customer support 24/7, and constantly improve our service with traders' feedback.

Starting with the placement of the new brand logo, MCS promises to take another leap forward to provide you with the best trading experience.

All traders have their own stories about cryptocurrencies (coins), and in the future, we want you to look back and remember MCS as the platform where "My" successful coin stories happened.

💡Detailed MCS Logo Information (RGB Code)

Red: 253 79 74 (Hex: FD4F4A)

Light Blue: 0 127 220 (Hex: 007FDC)

Bright Blue: 0 76 156 (Hex: 004C9C)

Traders ALWAYS come first on MCS.

Thank you.




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