MCS | What is Leverage in Bitcoin Margin Trading?

MCS | What is Leverage in Bitcoin Margin Trading?

*This post has been written by Hedgehog, an MCS influencer and one of Korea's famous cryptocurrency key opinion leaders.


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If you are a bitcoin trader, you have probably heard of bitcoin leverage trading at least once. I think leverage is a very important function in bitcoin margin trading, along with short selling. What does leverage mean here?

The Definition of Leverage

Leverage comes from leveraging, and we all know what a lever does unless you fell asleep in middle school. The lever principle consists of force, the perpendicular distance from the pivot, moment, and more... Actually, I forgot all about the concept of the lever principle. ;)

A simple explanation of the lever principle is the force multiplication using a small force to lift large objects. Scissors and bottle openers that we often use in everyday life are all using the principle of the lever. The leverage in Bitcoin margin trading can also be understood as a function that gives the effect of a large investment with a small investment.

Leverage is also commonly used in real estate transactions. When one's capital is $1 million and wants to purchase a $2 million building, borrowing $1 million from a bank or other financial institution and purchasing the building is also included in the concept of leverage. By applying this concept directly into the leverage on bitcoin margin trading, which will be explained below, one can purchase a $2 million building with a capital of $1 million, doubling the leverage.

The maximum leverage available for each cryptocurrency derivatives exchange varies slightly. You can use up to 100x leverage on the MCS Bitcoin derivatives exchange. This means that I can trade using up to 100x leverage, which means I can invest up to 100x of my capital.

When making a general Bitcoin transaction, if my capital is $500, the maximum number of Bitcoins that I can be purchased is only $500 worth of Bitcoins. However, on the MCS Bitcoin derivatives exchange, if my capital is $500 and uses 100 times leverage, I can trade with $50K worth of Bitcoins.

The profit and loss rate when trading with and without leverage is the difference between heaven and earth. Assuming that the Bitcoin price has doubled after purchasing, if you invested $500 without using leverage, you will make a profit of $500 and your last asset balance will be $1K. On the other hand, if you used 100 times the leverage and invested $500, the actual transaction will be $50K worth of Bitcoin, so your profit will be $50K, and my final asset will be $50.5K. As you may have noticed, you can earn as much profit as the leverage used. Thus, although my capital may be limited, by using leverage on the MCS Bitcoin derivatives exchange, I can realize an unbelievable return on my capital.

Since I am telling you about leverage, I would like to introduce to the MCS traders who actually realized financial freedom through Bitcoin margin trading at the end of 2017. BJ Wedorm, a legend amongst Korean margin traders, started investing in Bitcoin with $4K and "retired" after a year of trading with a fortune of $10 billion. He who was born in 1996-1997 traded on BitMEX using leverage to triumph the financial freedom we all dream of.
💡 "Poverty has many roots, but the tap root is ignorance."
    - Lyndon B. Johnson

In Bitcoin margin trading, leverage is a means of trading large investment funds with small capital. Leverage trading is a typical high-risk high-return, a double-edged sword that can be beneficial or harmed to you depending on how you use it. I wish all MCS traders to realize financial freedom by wisely using this leverage, a key element of Bitcoin margin trading, along with short selling.

I am a Bitcoin margin trader, Hedgehog. Thank you for reading this post.

*Trading with leverage is clearly a way to earn a large return; however, it is highly risky. Before trading with leverage, I strongly recommend that you fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of leveraged trading.

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