MCS | Your Crypto Wallet is Under Attack🚨

MCS | Your Crypto Wallet is Under Attack🚨


Greetings from MCS, the derivatives trading platform where traders ALWAYS come first.

On May 19, Korean security software provider AhnLab announced the discovery of a malware code from cryptocurrency wallet address swap.

How does malware spread? 🕳

The attacker uses a malware code spread tool called 'exploit kit' to drop spread malignant code on websites lacking security system. When a user gets access to a website via computer void of a security patch, the exploit kit will start its job by analyzing the computer's weak points, which is then followed by malware code installment.

Your cryptocurrency will be vulnerable once your computer gets infected! ☠️

The malware code fixed on the user's computer will start monitoring and automatically figure out the timeline for which cryptocurrency wallets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, and Bitcoin Cash were copied. When the user copies the address unknowingly the copied address will be swapped with that of the attackers'. If the user sends cryptocurrency cash out of habit, without double-checking, it would go straight to the attackers' pocket.  😱

YOU should be the one protecting your cryptocurrency! 💉

In order to prevent such damage, AhnLab has emphasized several precautionary orders.

Please spare just '5 seconds' of your time to double-check the wallet address when you copy and paste!

Make sure to check twice, triple, and quadruple if possible you've inserted the correct wallet address once you take 'ctrl'+'c', 'ctrl'+'v' action prior to sending your cryptocurrency.

Please DO hesitate before clicking a non-secure website!

Do refrain from websites with an insecure environment including emails received from an unknown user or sites that contain spams.

Keep the latest OS(Operating System) and the internet browser up to date!

A system's security can be exposed to threats if the OS and the internet browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) are not up to date. So please check every now and then to make sure you are in the most updated computing environment.

Please follow these simple safety precautions for more secure and safe trading on MCS.

Traders always come first on MCS.


Traders always come first on MCS.

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